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The Rabbit Hole

Where Reality Meets Fiction

"THE" White Rabbit
18 August 1988
here and there
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  • Yaminoyugi1
Hello and welcome to my little patch of code. This journal will be used for me bitching or my writings (woo).
What little i will give out here:
I am female.
I am 18.
I will soon be 19.
I have a job.
I hate my job.
I am not married
I am also not single.
My name has a different spelling.
I write slash, het, fem-slash, and gen, it just depends on my mood.
I don't have a beta, wanna be mine? im me or pm me.
I do have a Myspace.
My AIm is : Yaminoyugi1
The '0_0' in my name is in fact not a face but bunny ears.
I enjoyed Alice in Wonderland.