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And So Promises are broken like frail Glass.

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Mar. 10th, 2009 | 04:13 pm
mood: apathetic apathetic
music: DOES - Shura

I know I've said that I would up date this more. It seems like life runs at you and demands you pay attention to it, god forsake anything you want to do.  Lets see If I can Explain every thing that has happened in the i think past year.

Repaired an old friendship, Begain school again.

Hell of a snow storm, and lots of practicing.

Midterms papers and more practeing so fiction written but never typed up.

work started to pick up and more practicing

I was trained in a new area started to work harder because of my lacking experance
School ends
had both dances down part of a costume done

went to Otakon

turned 20, had a wonderful day filled with friends and family and sun burn

School starts again met up with all the people i haven't talked with for most of the summer

Halloween went to work as Nurse Joker, it was a blast

Papers and some midterms

end of school and christmas, I got a 360 <3

school starts again snow ball fights

v-day lunch that was 2 weeks lat because of an incresed work load on my part, I got more hours for no reason, maybe it beacue i'm a good worker or it might be there are only 4 UB and maybe a few mangers that can work it.

Well seeing as we are in this month i guess i can stop summerizing.

Lets see right now its 4 27 i don't want to go in to work at 6 and my feet are cold. Also it's rather dismal looking out side. I can hope for warm weather for tomorrow for when i'm stuck at school.

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