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*epic sounding music plays*

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Jan. 27th, 2008 | 04:30 pm
mood: cold cold
music: Pi song

Ok i really need to start updating this more often then not. Ok since last time I posted I found out I'm going to Otakon, I've renewed my love for all thing silly, such as you know watching Pokemon and making fun of it with friends. I've planned out part of my cosplay. Such as Who I'm going as and such. I've also been dragged in to a dance for the masqurade, which is so much fun, its the ending dacne to an anime and its called Hare hare Yukai. Ummm what else? Oh yes because alot of my stories were on my laptop i've lost the drive to re write them, because it is after all a pain in the ass to type them up on my computer, its pretty slow and i really want a new one, but that event is highly unlikly. Ummm me and a friend are planing on co aurthering a messed up kingdom hearts fiction. By messed up i mean you have to smoke some heavy stuff. We are crackulious. I've also resently started school again. It turns out I didn't fail any of my classes, which is a good thing but i still have to take the core classes before i can move on to what classes i really want to take, so by defauly i have some weird ass classes, such as French 101 and Computer Graphics I, both of which i really don't need for my Major. Hmm what else have i been up too? Also I am replaying Kingdom hearts II in pride mode because i lost my other memory card with all my saved data on it =/ i'm not very lucky with those things at all. I also got a new phone <3  I really love it Its a Krazor K1m and its nice. Why a new phone? because my old company raped me out of my ass. So guys don't use nextel. I think i covered everything thats needs to be covered.

I still hate my job, but so does half america XD.

Signing off !

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